Thank you to all of our performers​!

Back by popular demand for their second appearance
The Reagan Years. Formed in 1996, The Reagan Years has delighted hundreds of sold out crowds throughout  Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and DC.

Semi Hollow is made up of 4 guys right out of Poolesville, MD! Brother's Evan and Stefan Gross play Lead Guitar and Bass. Patrick Budd, who is a recent addition to the band plays Guitar as well. Christian Angueira plays Drums. Whether you fancy blues, rock, funk, or even a little grunge we play it all! And not just covers, we also have a lot of original music that is fresh and will get you out of your seat! We Are Semi Hollow!

Live on Stage in 2019

Touch of Grey, as the name implies, is a group of "experienced" musicians who share a love of Americana - a mix of folk, popular, and bluegrass. The emphasis is on vocal harmony and great instrumental solos. Members include Brian Sheron, Joe Zabel, Steve Schwartz, Eliot Brenner, Dave Flood, Jill McDonald, and Bill McDonald
Karousel is an award-winning teen rock band based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Maya Ronick (guitar and vocals), Luke Jordan (bass and vocals), Maddie Aponte, keys and vocals, Sammy Krimstein (lead guitar and vocals), and Jack Husted (drums and vocals). Simply put, KAROUSEL is what you get when you mix talent, friendship, and a passion for music!
No Stop Light has been bringing their acoustic style of folk/classic rock to local venues for a year and half. First playing together at a local Halloween party by chance, members Chris Doto (sax and vocals) and Matt Partain (guitar and vocals) of Poolesville, and Dr. John Steffan (percussion) of Harper's Ferry enjoy every opportunity to get together in the name of great music. This is their second performance at Poolesville Day!
Cryptik is Rock and Roll, with a bit of Funk and Metal. Matthew Ashley and Ethan Rolls had been working on independent projects when it was suggested that they would sound great performing together at Falcon Lane on Poolesville Day. The combination of Matthew's classically trained bass chops and Ethan's stage presence seemed a natural fit. Multi-instrumentalists, Matthew and Ethan have played in both school and outside bands. 
DJ/EZ​ is adding his spinning expertise at Falcon Lane for a second year. Zach Etheridge is the owner of EZ Fit Training and a Poolesville native. He has been bringing the hits to his workout crew and now he's bringing them to you!